Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Loyalty All that it is Cracked Up to Be?

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica at 12:06 PM
With the job cutbacks that we see each day in person or in the press, I was intrigued with some comments from Jack and Suzy Welch in a recent column.

They wrote, “These days, it’s far more common for managers to protect and reward employees who consistently deliver results. We’re not saying that loyal employees aren’t given any due. When the economy is strong, a record of loyalty can be enough to ‘give cover’ to an employee with a mediocre performance. But when the going gets tough and staff reductions become necessary, the vast majority of mangers act in the best interests of the company. Their top performers will stay, loyal or not. And the marginal employees – again loyal or not – will be asked to move on.” [1]

As I read this, I could not help but think about membership. Members may stay loyal in the good times, but when economically pressed, members may very well follow the same decision process. They will renew membership with the organization that delivers real value and helps their performance.

[1] Jack and Suzy Welch, The Loyalty Fallacy, Business Week, January 19, 2009.


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