Monday, April 6, 2009

Job Consultants say, “Join Your Professional Association”

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica at 12:22 PM

It has often been repeated on this blog that membership in a professional association is a career enhancing step that professionals should take and that we should market to our prospective members. However, it is nice when those who are helping people find jobs repeat the same advice.

I came across several such recommendations from professional career counselors today.

For students, Sally Kearsley, wrote an article on Jobweb, It Pays to Join a Professional Association and said, “Want to do something great for your future job hunt and your career? Consider joining a professional association--or the student chapter of a professional association! There is a professional association for almost any career field you can mention and you can join at any time, freshman to senior year (or beyond).”

Lynn Friedman gave this advice to those earning a graduate degree, “You have some basic skills but feel that you are only at the beginning. How do you continue professional development and growth? First, join a professional organization within your discipline.”[1]

Carol Rogers, vice president and lead consultant for human resources firm Right Management in Rockville emphasized the importance of highlighting your professional associations on your resume for more experience professionals. She says, “prune your resume and reshape it so it’s relevant . . . [and] indicate if you a member of professional organizations.” [2]

When the experts are recommending this to students, graduates and experienced professionals, it is probably a theme that you should also pick up in your membership marketing.

[1] By Lynn Friedman, Ph.D., Life After Earning a Graduate Degree, Washington Post.
[2] Vickie Elmer, Turning One’s Age into a Job-Market Asset, The Washington Post, Sunday, April 5, 2009, page H1.


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