Friday, December 11, 2009

Your Feedback Requested

Posted by Princess Eva Angelica at 8:59 AM
Over the next couple of weeks, I am beginning to work on the questionnaire for the 2010 version of the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Survey.

As I get started, I would appreciate your feedback on what new benchmarking data might be of help to you and your organization. Some portions of the survey will be repeated from this year to allow for trend analysis, but I also want to add new elements that give you statistical data for questions you might have.

So if you have the opportunity, please feel free post a comment here with your suggestions of any membership marketing areas for which you want additional benchmarking information.

If you would like to take another look at the 2009 Report, here is the link to download a copy:

My goal is to build the questionnaire over the holidays and your feedback will be a big help.


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